Precious & Semi Precious Stones

Agate♥ known to be one of the oldest stones and has been used in jewelry for centuries. When worn the stone can keep you protected from evil, detract stress, help sustain energy and ward off bad dreams. This stone originates from a variety of countries, comes in a variety of colors and styles.

Tiger Eye♥ known for its ability to keep the mind focused and protect from the evil eye. It could also bring you LUCK!

Turquoise♥ known to enhance the spirit of prosperity allowing for success. It is said to promote creative abilities, provide peace of mind and allow for easy communication.

Quartz CrystalRock Crystal♥ comes in many colors and is known to bring clarity aligning all chakras. It is also known to provide harmony and is said to be the “Stone of Power”.

Jasper♥ which comes in many colors, is known to be a stone that protects. It can help to cleanse the spirit and remove all negativity.

Hematite♥ provides a magnetism known to reduce stress, increase optimism and provide a courageous spirit.

Swarovski Crystals♥ known for high quality crystals that provide the ULTIMATE SPARKLE.

Many of our chains are heavyweight 24K gold plated and sterling silver plated. We also use brass and steel materials.

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